Windows 8 Industrial Applications Find Ways In Construction Industry

Microsoft’s Windows 8 was released at the end of October of 2012, introducing significant changes to the operating system, primarily focusing on improving user experience on tablet computers to rival Apple’s iOS and the Android operating system. Among the business sectors that are increasingly reliant on smartphones and tablets to improve their operational efficiency and communications is the construction industry.

Windows 8 Makes Field Work More Efficient

It’s becoming more and more common for construction companies to use tablet computers which are running Windows 8 software as field workers are able to communicate and share information efficiently from remote work sites. Windows 8 is being preferred over the iPad’s iOS because it’s more efficient and easier to manage. While iPads are commonly used inside boardrooms and by all types of business people, they are not conducive to field work as the Apple operating system platform simply is limited in scope. On the other hand, tablets powered by Windows 8 are compatible with Microsoft’s productivity software, project management & cost estimate apps and for computer-assisted drawing apps. There is no need for users to do a lot of custom coding and configurations with Windows 8 which means that workers on-site have more time available to focus on other tasks to support the field work being done.

Advantages offered to Remote Users

When Windows 8 tablets are used in the field within the construction industry, users can utilize Microsoft’s remote log-in software so that they can stay connected to company networks. For those working at construction sites, rather than just running a mobile version of an app on a tablet in the field, Windows 8 allows users to run full versions of Windows on tablets. This means that construction companies can run leading project review software such as NavisWorks on their handheld devices.

Securing Company Data on Windows 8

A new feature of Windows 8 allows IT professionals to ensure that company data is not compromised while stored on personal tablets used by workers in the field. With Window to Go, remote access to company data is accomplished through a USB drive. Workers in the field can be given USB drives loaded with company data while working on a project and once the work is over, the drive can be returned to the company’s office to ensure that no data is left behind on personal devices.

Windows 8 Suitable for All Types of Remote Work

The newest Microsoft operating system which features a touch-optimizer user interface, offers opportunities for all types of remote work.

Businesses which remotely deploy teams of workers will have to “kick the tires” of Windows 8 so to speak to see if the platform works for them because it’s not a “one size, fits all” operating system. While it may be a perfect fit for one firm, Windows 8 may not fulfill all of another company’s requirements.