Why Buying A Linux Support Contract Is So Important

In today’s economy, businesses are looking to save time and money wherever possible. Because of this, moving to the open-source option of a Linux based server-side operating system is becoming more popular than ever. With Linux being freely available, enterprises may be tempted to make the move from off-the-shelf software and go for a DIY approach to server maintenance. However, this in-house approach can become costly and time consuming. The best way to reap the benefits of a robust Linux distribution is to invest in a proper Linux support contract, allowing employees to focus on their roles knowing any maintenance issues will be taken care of.

Why to avoid the DIY approach

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Some companies may have the benefit of having employees with the talent to maintain an operating system; however, this approach can prevent workers from focusing on their key-roles and therefore decreasing productivity. Another drawback of this DIY approach is that it can soon become very costly to companies, having to divert part of their workforce to the task of software maintenance. With the benefit of a Linux support contract, companies can save a considerable amount of time and money without worrying about tackling software issues themselves.

Coping with change

A major challenge that all modern enterprises face is dealing with the rapid rate of technology change. Upgrading hardware to meet ever the increasing technological demands of today’s world is crucial for enterprises to be competitive and succeed.

Linux distributors such as Red Hat work closely with hardware vendors to ensure that their software releases a compatible with new formats and provide maximum performance. These Linux distributors ensure that their code is thoroughly vetted for bugs before release, therefore avoiding potentially catastrophic software failures when upgrading to new hardware.

Technical support

A great benefit of having a Linux support contract is the fact that the distributor manages both software and hardware changes. As previously mentioned, the distributors work closely with hardware vendors to maximise compatibility with their software. When problems to occur with any operating software, companies can rest assured that they are connected to a comprehensive support network, so issues can be resolved by highly trained professionals in minimal time.

Quality software

Purchasing a Linux distribution through a vendor such as Red Hat, companies can be sure that their software is both legitimate and robust. Linux vendors strive to provide the highest quality software, and that includes assurance of a completely safe and legal distribution, with quality code and minimal bugs. Through this method, enterprises can be sure they are receiving only the very best software.


Support services

Linux distributors offer a wide range of support services to meet the needs of their clients. Services range from: call centres, web based troubleshooting, online forums and resident on-site support. These excellent support services can be invaluable when an issue arises, allowing productivity to continue unhindered.

Depending on the level of support purchased, service response times can range from an hour or two, to a couple of days. So when companies are highly dependent on their computing technology, it is worth investing in a more comprehensive support package to recover from problems as soon as possible.


Using a Linux distribution is a superb option for companies in a competitive high-tech environment. With the proper support services, enterprising businesses can excel with their high quality Linux software, without the worry of self-maintenance. Purchasing a comprehensive Linux support contract is a must for those looking to benefit from an excellent Linux based operating system