The Windows 8 app store inspite of being new is indeed growing at a fast pace resulting in the increase of highly sophisticated applications as well. The following article arms you with the impressive apps that will give you endless reasons to enjoy to the fullest:-

  • Charming RedditCharming Reddit

Charming Reddit gives you the convenience of checking highly sophisticated and exemplary pictures from various picture categories of Reddit. You simply have to open the app and that’s it as you do not have to undergo towards searching any thing. You will get the display of pictures in a photo Steam which besides displaying thumbnail images of each pic also displays the up and down votes along with the comments it receives. It also adds description which the original thread starter has added as well. Thanks to the pull-down menu which is there at the top, it is going to display the top scoring, new as well as controversial pictures which are posted either in the hour, day, week or any time. Hence, if you are passionate about Reddit’s photo section, then this app stands out to be for you.

  • Simple NoteSimple Note

The utility of Simple Note is not hidden from any one. It stands out to be quite a simple application which is there for Windows 8. You just need to create new notes by entering title as well as description. Thereby, it will get started for sure. If you are looking for plain and simple notes, then the app is for you. A thing which indeed gives you lots of ease and satisfaction is that without opening the app, you can get the notes on the start screen. Hence, they are always within your reach as well. You can also set few things which will indeed prove to be quite helpful like including setting expiration dates or reminders.

  • World ClockWorld Clock

The app work wonders towards displaying the date and time of many locations. It has selection of cities by default namely Tokyo, Beijing, London and New York. You can equally add custom cities if you deem necessary. You can also arm yourself with the time zone along with sunrise and sunset for specific location.

  • Snap FXSnap FX

Snap FX is able to help you towards changing the brightness of the image, sharpness, saturation. Apart from that, you can equally crop the image, rotate or flip it as well. You also have the convenience of applying one of several Instagram like filters which helps towards transforming the over all look in a completely different way as well.