Three Ways to Improve Your Mobile Browsing Experience

Surfing the web on your mobile phone can be a cumbersome project. Fortunately, there are ways to make your mobile web browsing more efficient.

1. Consider Your Browser

Both iOS and Android devices come with a default web browser, but you may want to look into other options. Both iPhone and Android users may enjoy the features of other browsers such as Chrome’s data saver mode. Turning this setting on will compress web pages, allowing you to browse faster.

2. Install an Ad Blocker

We all know what it is like to open a web page and have an ad pop up just as you are about to read the content. Not only are ads frustrating, but they can slow down your browser. Consider installing an Ad Blocker, such as 1Blocker or AdBlock Plus.

3. Use Apps When Possible

Have you ever opened Facebook on your mobile browser instead of the app? The web browser version is much harder to navigate. Developers understand this and have created apps to provide you with a better mobile experience. Find out if your favorite websites have apps available, and use them.

Mobile web browsing is nowhere near as efficient as surfing the web on your laptop. However, it is more convenient. As we wait for mobile browsing to improve, these tips may save you a little time and frustration.

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