Different businesses use different types of brochures to promote their products and services, but the basic graphic designing rules apply for all of them. Whether you want to design a brochure for hotel business or for a fashion company, your brochure must be attractive, well organized and informative. A properly designed brochure delivers your promotional message effectively and boosts your business.

Companies invest thousands of dollars for offline marketing campaign and a small mistake can spoil your entire campaign. A brochure is one of the most cost effective and powerful offline marketing tools and here are some brochure design guidelines for you. If you follow these guidelines, your offline promotional campaign will certainly be successful.

  1. Colors- A colored brochure costs more than a black and white brochure, but it’s worth the investment. Your target audience receives dozens of brochures via mail everyday and unless you give them something worth noticing, they will simply throw your brochure away. Nothing looks more attractive than a colorful brochure.
  1. High Resolution Images- Nobody wants to read a brochure that is packed with text. Give some attractive photos in your brochure to make people interested in your business. Images covey meaningful messages faster than text and convince your target customers about the quality of your products/services.

Think from a customer’s perspective. Would you book a hotel room if I tell you that my hotel has all the modern facilities? People hear such marketing propaganda everyday. However, instead of saying that my hotel has all the best facilities, if I show you some photos of my hotel, you may book a hotel room for your family vacation.

  1. Headlines and Bullet Points- When someone receives a brochure, at first he looks at the images, then the headlines and after that he reads the body content. Therefore, you must give the most important message through images and headlines. Make sure that your photos and headlines are intriguing enough, so that the viewers pay attention to your body text.

Don’t write long paragraphs in your body text. Readers generally scan a brochure and try to understand what benefits they can get if they buy your products. You should use small, direct sentences and bullet points to help the readers scan your brochure comfortably.

Brochure Design

Some of your target consumers may have never heard of your company. Therefore, you should highlight the USP of your products/services and give your customers a strong reason to choose your company.

  1. Use of Three Fonts- Do not uses more than three font styles in your brochure. You can select a type family and use its variations for different parts of your brochure. For instance, if you choose Arial family, you can Arial Rounded MT Bold for headlines, Arial Narrow for image caption and Arial for body text content.
  1. Consistent Typefaces- Maintain the font size to give your brochure a professional look.  The ideal type size for headlines is 14 to 16; body text should be 12 and captions 10.
  1. Intelligent Use of White Space - You may want to say a lot of things about your business, but that does not mean you can overwhelm your readers with unlimited text and images. Give enough white space in your brochure to allow the consumers read your brochure easily. Maintain line spacing and give enough space between two paragraphs.
  1. Mail Panel for Contact Information- If you want to send your brochure via mail, then use the mail panel for contact information. Write down your office address, website address, email, phone number etc. so that your customers can contact you anytime.
  1. Careful Use of Folded Brochure - Designing a folded brochure is a complicated task. If you are not careful with the layout design, an important sentence may get broken midway due to the fold. Therefore, before you start designing, finalize the fold (bi fold, tri fold, z fold etc.) and design the brochure accordingly.
  1. Proofread Content- You should hire a professional proofreader to check your brochure for spelling, grammar and other mistakes. A simple mistake in your brochure can damage your business.

For instance, if your email address is abc.12@gmail.com and you write abc12@gmail.com, your customers will never be able to reach you.

  1. Professionally Printed Brochure- Brochures always look good on large LCD computer monitors, but if you print it in a deskjet printer using low quality paper, you will not get the desired output. Therefore, you must print the brochure from a professional printing press.

Some companies try to save money and compromise with quality of their brochure. The success of your business depends upon your brochure and if you design a black and white, text only brochure, nobody will pay attention to your business. Remember the aforementioned guidelines for a successful brochure design.