The Top Three Web Annoyances You Can Eliminate Right Now

As the internet has continued to grow and change, several frustrating annoyances have cropped up that interrupt your web browsing. The good news is you can do something about them.

1. Eliminate Ads

Ads can be the single most frustrating aspect of browsing the web. They seem to be just a part of life now, but they can be eliminated. Try installing Adblock Plus (Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) or uBlock Origin (Firefox) to remove them.

2. Silence Those Pesky Videos

You know which videos we are talking about. These are the videos that play automatically on a web page you are trying to browse. Extensions such as Silent Site Sound Blocker (Chrome) or Smart Tab Mute (Chrome and Firefox) make sure that audio only plays on sites that you approve.

3. Save Articles Offline

Nothing makes for a more annoying reading experience than clicking through 25 slides to read a single article. Available for all web browsers, the browser extension Pocket lets you save articles offline. In the process, it removes ads and morphs a paginated article into a single page for seamless reading.

If you have discovered a frustrating aspect of browsing the web, someone has probably developed a browser extension to get rid of it. Try looking into these extensions to turn your frustrating browsing experience into a better one.

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