TestLodge Review: Best Online Test Case Management Tool in the Market

Today, there is hardly any business that does not strive on technology, especially namely revolutionary cloud based technology. These days there is something very new and intriguing to offer you all. A sheer combination of cloud based technology and an effective test case management tool. TestLodge is an effective test management tool which favors effective business collaboration and helps you run various tests. With the help of Test Lodge, you can now easily manage all of your test plans, test cases and run various tests and at the same time enjoy effective team collaboration.

More About TestLodge

TestLodge test case management tool  is a revolution in the field of testing. It is a test case software which enables the business to store, view, organize and execute various test reports. There are no user limits in this software and one can easily create test suites or cases and manage test scripts, plan tests, keep a track of all the requirements and a lot more. Besides, data storage is also offered by test lodge, with which both the businesses and the individual business owners are benefited.

Below we shall mention the various ways in which Test Lodge will positively influence your business.

Benefits of Test Lodge:

  1. It fosters easy collaborations between you and your team.
  2. The user face is self explanatory and easy to understand, hence no need for further learning.
  3. Can accommodate multiple users and test suites, in almost all of its plans.
  4. Free online management, which requires no installations or set ups, whatsoever.
  5. You can get started almost immediately.

Great Features of TestLodge

Test plans: With Test Lodge you can easily create test suites. There is an in-built template available, which will guide you through each and every step. Alternatively, you can also create one for yourself, starting from scratch.

With the help of easy to understand user interface, you can update the test plans at any given point of time.

Test suites and cases:  These are set tools that shall help you put together a plan ASAP. Each test suite is comprised of test cases which are easy to create, can be added from any existing library or can be altered version of the pre-existing ones. You can arrange it as per the desired order and hence execute the test run effectively with this easy-to-use test case software.

Besides, you have the liberty to modify the test cases at any given point , even if the tests are being conducted.

Requirements – Any project related requirements can be added in the existing files, at any given point of time. Besides, the requirements stay in the loop, to help assist the project. Requirements comprise of a title and description. Once you create the requirement, you can either assign to any one or more than one of the projects.

Test runs: If you have ever faced any problems with the test runs, you are moments away from loving Test Lodge as Test Case Software. Before the test run is executed, all the test plans are duly copied and the information is kept secure. Thus, if the data gets destroyed, it will have no impact on the test run.

The simple user interface guides you through each and every step and in the end you can also state whether the test was passed, failed or skipped. This will help you further organize the test runs and easily generate bug reports etc.

Issue tracker Integration

If you already are using an issue tracking tool, you can easily integrate Test Lodge software with the same. The bug reports will automatically be created, should a test fail.

Details related to the test run such as, description, steps to replicate, anticipated outcome, test results etc are directly submitted to your selected issue tracker. Consequently, failed test cases are directly linked to the tickets created.

Besides, if you find that our software is not compatible with any of the issue tracking tool that you or your organization is using, you just have to report it to us and it will be added.

Pricing Plans

To begin with, we offer a free trial for 30 days. The trial offer is valid for all accounts. Besides, when you buy our software, you are not obligated to sign any contract or endure a tedious sign up process. Our plan is very easy to download and upgrade anytime. We offer flexible pricing plans, which are mentioned below:


$119 month

  • 500 Test plans
  • 10,000 Test cases
  • 5,000 Test runs
  • Unlimited Users & Test suites


$59 month

  • 50 Test plans
  • 3,000 Test cases
  • 1,000 Test runs
  • Unlimited Users & Test suites


$29 month

  • 15 Test plans
  • 500 Test cases
  • 300 Test runs
  • Unlimited Users & Test suites


$14 month

  • 5 Test plans
  • 100 Test cases
  • 100 Test runs
  • Unlimited Users & Test suites

Final Thoughts About TestLodge

This online test management tool is obviously worth a shot. You must try out the free 30 days trial version and thereafter you can anytime upgrade or downgrade the plan. The pricing is really flexible and the software holds a lot of promises. Thus there is no reason as to why you should not give it a shot.

Try Test Lodge now, and witness the difference it makes in your organization.