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Three Easy Ways to Save Money on Apple Computers and Accessories

It’s almost impossible to imagine going through a single day without a computer by your side, but used Apple computers can make your life a little easier. If you’re like most parents though, your kids probably demand Apple devices. People of all ages loves using iPods, iPads, iPhones and all the other innovations from the

Tech Innovations to Shape the eCommerce Sector

When one thinks of innovation, it has to be considered against the backdrop of current technology. Innovation pushes the limits, tests the boundaries and brings new realities to the fore. Technological prowess does not always run smoothly from the outset, but it is its introduction that raises the bar for new industry standards. Among the

Apple iPhone Covers Serve Many Purposes

There are a number of reasons to purchase and use Apple iPhone covers. One of the main reasons is to protect your investment. Your iPhone is likely to travel many places in your pocket, purse, backpack, or vehicle. There is always the potential of dropping it. A protective cover can help to ensure that your

How to Buy the Best and Latest iPhone 5 Accessories

Cell phone accessories are a must have in today’s world and finding the right accessory for your phone has never been easier. The iPhone 5 is not only exquisitely designed but a very effective communicating device, but it needs to have a number of accessories that will need to be used in combination with the

How Steve Jobs Changed The Face Of The World

Apple, a technology giant, owes a lot to Steve Jobs, including its very creation. Without his ambition, determination and amazing creativity, Apple may not be the technological juggernaut it is today. Starting his business in a garage, Jobs rose to be a millionaire at the young age of 25 by creating the concept of personal

Apple’s Expenses – Infographics

Apple is one of the most popular companies on the planet, and it is also one of the most profitable. Everyone knows that with the success of products such as the iPhone and iPad, Apple has earned more than $156 billion in net sales in 2012 alone. So what does the company do with all

Poor Ideas in Apple’s History [Infographic]

Apple is generally regarded as one of the smartest technology companies. New Apple products are lauded as great successes, but they have made some mistakes in the past. Here are a few Apple ideas that never panned out. When it comes to complaints about Apple operating systems, Apple’s one-button mouse is near the top of

Windows Phone 8 vs iOS 6, the Big Fight

Microsoft has been trying for a long time to dominate the cellphone OS market. However it hasn’t made a breakthrough yet, with iOS and Android dominating the market. But with the release of windows phone 8 a battle is brewing, which one can pack a punch? Microsoft or Apple? This war is very common in

Apple’s ‘Improvements’ Are Only for the Worse

Every year, we anticipate the release of the new iPhone. The iPhone 5 sold more than 5 million units in the first three days alone, which is a 25% increase on last year’s iPhone 4S sales in the same period of time. From the major hype that the latest generation gained, you would have thought

5 Best Tech Conferences For 2012-2013

The tech industry holds several important events in a calendar year that attract the faithful and the enthusiasts from all corners of the world. Such events are an excellent way for consumers to learn about the latest technologies, get their hands on gadgets and gizmos still in prototype stage, and hobnob with others sharing their