As Apple dominates the tablet market since launching the iPad in 2010, currently, the market share of Apple in tablet computers is around 70 percent, but Microsoft is trying very hard to remove some of Apple’s market share.  Microsoft is going to launch its new Surface Tablet which they have introduced with the Windows 8 operating system.  Microsoft has also announced that Surface will be less expensive as compared to the iPad, which means in this war between the two giants, the users are the ultimate winners. According to sources regarding Microsoft, the cost of a 32 GB Surface Tablet is $499, which means it costs users exactly $100 less as compared to the 32 GB iPad prices.

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Tablet War
Critics are predicting that if this war between tablets goes on the same path as it did for computers and laptops, that will mean Microsoft becomes the cheap-priced company which is within reach of average customers, whereas Apple remains the special name for brand-conscious minorities. At the moment, it seems that Microsoft is trying to take the war between tablets on the same path. One of the main features that Surface has is the USB port connectivity which becomes an important utility these days. Unfortunately, iPad doesn’t have that feature yet. The other advantages that Surface has are the popular Microsoft office utilities, such as; MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. There is an optional keyboard also available with Surface which enables users to type quickly and easily.

Surface Features
If you think Surface has all of the advantages, then you have to think again as there are some cutting-edge advantages to the iPad, such as cellular connectivity which Surface doesn’t have. A large segment of users thinks that without cellular connectivity, the tablet is useless.  You can connect the Surface Tablet through Wifi, but the iPad can be connected through any cellular network such as Verizon and AT&T. When it comes to apps, there are more than 250,0000 apps already available on the iPad which users can buy, whereas Microsoft has just started their own app store for Surface with the name Windows 8 App Store.
There is a difference in the fan base of both technology giants. You can find millions of devoted fans of Apple products who will wait for hours to buys various services and products of Apple. But when it comes to Microsoft, they have more customers than fans. People want to buy Microsoft products, but they are not as devoted as they are with Apple. No doubt one of the companies will win this war between tablets. But as the tablet market is growing rapidly, there is a lot of room for the different companies, and everybody will be accommodated by the users to some extent. The war between tablets will become tougher in the coming years as various other companies such as; HP, Dell, and Asus are also planning to jump into the market.