Skype integrated into Windows Phone 8

Skype, which is present on the desktop of Windows 8, received the same treatment for Windows Phone 8. The new application has the same functionality of the desktop version, this is important, because it makes it even more powerful a device created specifically for communication.

In the new application Skype calls are treated as regular calls, you will see, in fact, the same screen incoming calls. However, do not despair; you can still recognize it as a call from Skype, thanks to an icon thin and a specific sound that distinguishes the Skype call from the other.

The app is always working in the background, even if you are using another app or the phone is in lock mode. This means that in case of messages or calls them there will always be notified. Of course you can always make you invisible on the Skype network and the program also lets you restrict who can call you, even if you are visible.

skype microsoft deal

You will then notifications just like in the desktop version. The more space you give Skype the bar, the more space you will have for the number of missed calls, preview messages, etc.. etc..).

The app has the same clean style of Windows, and the other version, including new contacts Favorites. E ‘then integrated with the Microsoft People app. This way you can also use Skype from there. And when you connect with the Microsoft account, all your friends will become Windows Messenger Skype contacts.

Include Skype in Windows Phone was simple since Microsoft acquired the company in 2011 and now the app is finally what had to be: that is fully integrated with the software of a mobile platform and enables users to make and receive calls through the regular service calls.

Windows Phone, however, has now a market for quite reduced, which may, however, change with the introduction of Windows Phone 8.

What do you think of this latest Microsoft?