Knowing whether or not to upgrade your phone can be a tough choice. You’re probably pretty happy with your current hand set, but then a newer model comes out, and you’re not sure whether you should be spending money on it or not. And it’s true that many mobile phone manufacturers release unnecessary upgrades, it is how they make money after all. But that means that people are often spending large amounts of cash on a phone that really isn’t that much different from the one they had before. Making an upgrade decision really needs to be based on the specs of the phones in question, so that you can evaluate whether or not the upgrade is worth the money. For this reason we decided to compare HTC’s two leading Windows phones. The HTC Windows 8S is the older model, and the HTC Windows 8X the newer one. If you’re happy with your 8S, should you upgrade to the 8X? And even if you’re a new customer, both models are still being retailed, so which one should you choose? Read on to find out how they compare, and whether the upgrade is worth it.

HTC Windows 8S vs HTC Windows 8X

What the HTC Windows 8X Does Differently…

There are three big changes that HTC made to the 8X. The first is to do with speed: the 8X is simply faster. It runs a faster processor (1500 MHz as compared to 1000 MHz), making the phone more powerful and snappier than its predecessor. It also has double the RAM of the 8S (1 MB versus 0.5 MB), which also helps to make it more responsive, and makes the device better at multi-tasking and running simultaneous processes. The second difference is the screen. The 8X has a bigger screen, 4.3 inches as opposed to the four inch screen on the 8S. Not only that, but the screen is also higher resolution (by around two and a half times) and has fifty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch). This makes the display on the 8X clearer, brighter and better defined than that on the 8S. Finally, there is the camera. The 8X comes with an 8 MP cam, whereas the older 8S comes with only a 5 MP cam. This makes your pictures better and more detailed. Plus, the camera now shoots full HD video.

What the HTC Windows 8S Still Does Well…

Well, there’s not really a lot. The 8S does come in slightly smaller (by around ten per cent) and lighter (113 g versus 130 g) than the 8X. But this is to be expected when it has a smaller screen size. Other than that, the specs on the 8X leave the 8S in the dust.

Should I Get the Upgrade?

Yes, definitely. The 8X not only has better features (like that camera), but it’s also a faster and more powerful device, and that makes a difference, especially when it comes to things like web browsing. HTC have released an excellent upgrade to the 8S, and it’s absolutely worth paying for.