Samsung has been Apple’s closest competitor since the release of the iPad a few years ago, and they have been neck and neck in the race to see which company dominates the tablet and smart phone market. Both companies have their advantages, and they have both been near the top. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is Samsung’s response to the Apple iPhone 5, and you will find that it will be a quality phone that is worth considering.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2


The battery life of the Note 2 is a whole lot longer than you get with your average smart phone, which means that you will need to charge your phone a lot less even if you spend time on personal entertainment – music, movies, surfing the web, etc. The memory built into the phone is about average, but you will find that it can be expanded. This is something that most smart phone owners look for, as they want to store more content than can fit on a single SD card. The fact that this smart phone allows you to expand the storage means that it will be a lot more versatile than the limited memory phones – such as the iPhone.

Another area where the Note 2 excels is the quality of their screen. You will find that the Note 2 will have a very sharp screen, and the colors are surprisingly bright and crisp. The action is nice and responsive, and the entire OS is just a bright, airy one that will look very nice. It is an LTE capable phone, and it runs at amazing speeds thanks to the fast CPU built into it. If you’re looking for a phone to help you get online and run all of your games at top speed, this is the one for you.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2


On the downside, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is going to be quite costly, about as much as the iPhone 5. You will end up paying about $700 –  give or take $20 – if you buy it without a service plan, and you will still end up paying a hefty sum if you do opt for coverage. Another downside is that the S-Pen – while it is designed to make your life easier – can be quite difficult to figure out. It is a very versatile pen that will allow you to do a whole lot that touch screens just haven’t been able to manage, but it can take a while for you to figure out all of its features and get good at using them.

The camera shutter isn’t as good as you might want, which means that the pictures that you take with the camera may end up being overexposed. This can result in blur, brighter pictures than you want, discoloration, and other problems, so the slow camera shutter speed may mean that the camera just isn’t as good as you want. The phone is a bit larger than you might expect from a smart phone – it’s 5.8 inches tall, 3.2 inches wide, and .4 inches thick – but many people that have tried it have found that it feels comfortable in their hands.

The sleek look of the phone is definitely a plus, and it follows the Samsung Galaxy design that has become very popular. The screen is about 5.5 inches in diameter, so you have plenty of real estate for playing games and watching movies. The phone is definitely one of the best on the market, though it will cost you as much as an iPhone. If you’re a dedicated Android user, though, this is the phone for you.