Mobile Security 101 [Infographic]

Finding resources for PC and laptop computer security is quite easy, and so is finding basic resources for cyber security for those PC and laptop devices. But as easy to find as those resources are, one different and closely related area of internet security that has yet to catch up to that of PC devices in terms of understanding and awareness is Mobile Security. Because while PC’s have been around and have been in standard personal and professional use for decades, mobile phones and devices have only really gained popularity within this past decade or less, most likely around the time the first iPhone came onto the market in the early/mid 2000s. So suffice it to say, the internet security field has some catching up to do! Common internet threats like viruses, malware, password hacking, and database injections, are just as relevant to mobile devices as they are to PC’s and mobile users ought to know that. This infographic, Mobile Security 101, lays down the important details about Mobile Security that any mobile internet device user should be aware of.

Mobile Secuity infographic