Some approach choosing a laptop carrier in a lackluster manner. While it’s natural to want something comfortable and nice-looking, the premium should be placed on safety. After all, that’s a small price to pay to keep your Lenovo laptop safe.

Practical and Aesthetic Considerations

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A quick search for laptop cases reveals hundreds of thousands of choices. Some initial considerations can instantly narrow down the field – while safety takes a backseat.

Attractive carriers have their place. You may also consider something that suits your needs as well as your material wishes. However, every attempt should be made to provide the highest safety for your device. After all, it is the point of purchasing a case at all.

Examining Padding of the Case

Examining Padding

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If there is empty space between your laptop and the case, you may have a problem. While slip covers and “simple” laptop cases provide some protection, padding is an integral element.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a case twice as thick as a backpack. However, realize that there is a direct trade-off for slimmer cases. At the same time, slim cases can go into bags and provide plenty of protection.

There are a number of possibilities even outside of actual laptop cases.

Measuring Impact Safety


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Vital life lessons are learned in the infamous egg drop experiment; namely, what can occur if and when your laptop takes on gravity.

Travelers should examine what might happen in this event. Some of the best cases have enough padding to negate a great deal of potential impact. Others, like the minimal egg cases, can result in a big mess.

Is It Convenient for Airports?

Mobile Edge Laptop Cases

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Having a checkpoint-friendly laptop case can put smiles on everyone’s faces. It can save you a great deal of time and hassle before flying.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has five standards for a carrier to be considered checkpoint-friendly. PC Magazine’s Jennifer DeLeo covers these important areas and give some examples of bags in this category.

This is certainly something you want to explore if you plan on traveling with your laptop.

Putting It All Together


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What’s the perfect case for you? The first step is to identify the level of protection that you need. If you have basic requirements, perhaps something simple can work, as you can always combine cases for maximum effectiveness.

Mix in your requirements with practical applications: including size of your laptop, material, room for accessories, and carrying mechanism. This all-encompassing approach can net the perfect case that doesn’t sacrifice on safety.

Overall, important considerations exist for determining if a case is safe. Balance these areas with your requirements in a case for a pleasant outcome. It’s all about protecting your important laptop, after all.