Important Differences Between Linux Hosting And Windows Hosting

If you are looking for web hosting services for your website then there are multiple different choices you need to make. The biggest choice is between managed and unmanaged hosting but there are also other important factors to think about.

Your decision over which hosting service provider to choose can also be influenced by the choice between Linux hosting and Windows hosting.

Here are the most important differences between these two operating systems in the world of web hosting.

Linux vs Windows Hosting

 Cost Of The Hosting Service

If you are purely thinking in terms of cost then you will find most Linux hosting services to be cheaper than Windows hosting options. This is often because of the additional licensing fees that companies often have to pay with Windows programmes. Linux doesn’t have these fees and therefore the costs are often brought down.

But you shouldn’t really keep the cost as the main factor in deciding which system you choose. It is much more important to consider all the other functions you require from the hosting service.

Freedom Of Setting Up

Linux is an open source model, which means it provides you with a lot of freedom on setting up the system and personalising the service to go with your needs. Thus if you want to have more freedom with your web hosting then Linux offers more possibilities than Windows.

Windows hosting is probably a more preferred option if you aren’t that tech savvy and you don’t really need extra freedom with your hosting service.

Security Issues

Techlila reminds that Windows servers tend to be a bit more vulnerable to security problems than Linux servers. This is much down to the fact that Windows is such a widely used operating system that hackers and viruses mostly target it.

If you feel like security might be an important factor then going with Linux hosting might be a better option for you to take. Of course with an adequate company Windows hosting can be as secure hosting service as Linux and thus choosing Windows doesn’t need to mean a decrease in your security.

It All Boils Down To What You Need

The key difference between Linux hosting and Windows hosting really boils down to the fact what it is you need from your service provider. If you are going to use Windows based technologies on your website you really are probably better of by going with Windows hosting.

Windows based programmes are things such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP or .NET. Windows hosting will make it a lot easier to execute these programmes on your website if your hosting service uses them as well.

If you only want to go for a simple website or even a blog the experts often recommend using Linux hosting. This is often the operating system many programmes behind website configuration are using by default. JaguarPC VPS company can help you find out which hosting system would work best for your needs so it is best to always contact hosting providers directly and ask questions.

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