Ideal Ways to Develop a Website Using WordPress Plug-ins

Designing a classic website with all the modern features is a challenging task. As a web designer, you have to create a beautiful layout and embed several tools to make the site user friendly. Therefore, its wise to choose a developer friendly and plug-in rich CMS like WordPress to do your job efficiently.

For an aesthetically beautiful WordPress website design, you can either buy a premium theme and customize it accordingly, or create a theme all by yourself. This powerful CMS offers a range of beautiful free themes as well.

Once you select the theme, your actual job begins as you have to make the site functional, and that is where WordPress plays a very important role. It comes with a large plug-in gallery and reduces coding hassles. All you need to do is select the suitable plug-ins and install them to make the site usable for both webmaster and users.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do with plug-ins.

  • Some companies sell products from their online store and for that purpose “WP E-Commerce” is an ideal tool. It offers a step by step checkout process, foreign currency support and great stock control features.
  • Page navigation process is one of the crucial factors behind the success of a website. With the help of “WP Page Navi”, you can create an advanced page navigation system and help users achieve their goals faster.
  • People hate to see “page not found” message while surfing a website, but its difficult for the webmaster to check all the page links manually. Therefore, you can install “Broken Link Checker” add-on to keep an eye on the page links. It monitors your site and informs you immediately about broken links. Besides broken links, it also detects redirected links and puts a notification message on the Dashboard.
  • What if your client wants to display his products and services stylishly? You can embed a lightbox gallery in the site by using “Nextgen Gallery” add-on. It enhances the visual appeal of the website and viewers praise the image popup feature.
  • You can install “Google Analytics for WordPress” to help the webmaster keep a track of users. This add-on increases page loading time and collects page view data.
  • Optimizing a website for search engine is absolutely necessary in this highly competitive market and “All in One SEO Pack” is ideal for that job. It fine tunes navigational links, automatically optimizes titles for search engines and improve the overall rank of a website.
  • Almost every website features a contact form in the “contact us” page and developers generally create it manually. However, if you client needs multiple contact form for different purposes, “cforms” is the ideal solution for you. You can set up multiple Ajax based contact forms using this tool.
  • Social media content sharing is always beneficial from SEO perspective and you can install “Sociable” plug-in for this purpose. It helps users share website content on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon and many more.
  • Add the “Google AdSense” plug-in to display ads on the site and make your client’s online business profitable. It offers great customization features and you can display ads without affecting usability.

There are hundreds of plug-ins available in WordPress and here I have highlighted only a few.  If you have used aforementioned add-ons in your site, feel free to share your experience below.