IT market is developing day by day to meet the increased user demand. These days, tech savvy people feel embarrassed taking their laptops along with them to their business meetings, offices, and other places. These constraints have given rise to new technological advancements, which result in the introduction of many high-tech devices in the market. The best example can be of a tablet with Windows 8 on it, which has become a must-have computing device nowadays. Now, should we buy tablets with only Windows 8? This is the question, which comes into mind. By comparing positive and negative features of Windows 8 on a tablet, we can conclude to know whether it is good to have Windows 8 on tablet or not.

windows 8 tablet

Positive Feedback

Many users review Windows 8 tablets positively. The main features, which they describe, are as follows:

1.      Magical User Interface:

Tile-based user-interface is developed for the users, which is attractive as well as user friendly. This magical interface is supportive for the weather application, mail applications, social networking applications, and much more.

2.      Access to Windows 7 Apps:

Tablet devices having Windows 8 allow users to access applications of Windows 7 as well. To get an access, users need to swap between two built-in interfaces provided in these devices.

3.      Snap Multi-Tasking:

Two applications can simultaneously run in these devices using snap multitasking. You can also switch from one to another application anytime, but keep in mind that you cannot view all running applications on a single screen.

4.      Copy Operations in a Single Dialog:

Windows 8 on these tablets allows users to perform copy operations in a single dialog instead of making individual selections.

Negative Feedback

Besides positive feedback, many users also review Windows 8 tablets negatively. It does not mean that these devices are not worthy, but everyone has his own grading based on his personal experience. The criticized features are as follows:

1.      No Comfort Zone:

Windows 8 tablets introduced a new concept for people, but it did not gain much of their attention. This is because use of Windows 8 on touch-screen devices was almost non-existent before its launch, which made no difference in users’ lives after the launch as well. Interface of these devices surely convinced and appealed users, but the usability feature does not end on friendly or attractive interface. Users do not feel comfortable while using it because they are not habitual of using such platforms regularly, which may take a very long time for their involvement.

2.      No Surprises:

Yes! It does not have something surprising especially business people did not find it much valuable for them. Young generation or teenagers may love these tablets, but majority of the technology lovers will not care much. You can say that it’s nothing but just an ordinary creation, like Vista on tablet.

3.      Small Selection of Apps:

Limited applications are available in store to download. You will be amazed to know that even the official Facebook application is missing.

4.      Installation is not Possible from Any other Source except Windows Store:

You cannot make downloads of your own choice. You can only have those software applications, which are widely available in Windows store. This also leaves a negative impact on the users.

Final Words:

Discussion regarding Windows 8 tables will never end too quickly, but based on provided users’ reviews you can conclude that “Windows 8 Tablet Can’t Replace Your Laptop” because it does not focus on all the user’s expectations.