How Google Needs to Improve YouTube

YouTube is a pretty excellent tool which comes with one of the most active (and annoying) communities on the web. It has provided roughly everyone in the world with hours’ worth of procrastination and it’s the first stop almost all of us make when we’re looking for video content.

However since its acquisition by Google in 2006 we haven’t really seen many changes to the system. In fact the only real change that has been made is the inclusion of many, many more adverts. That’s not really much of an evolution and it’s hard to understand why a huge company like Google wouldn’t have brought more to the table.

As such I’m going to attempt to do the community a favour and look at some of the things that could really benefit YouTube.

Profile Changes

By now we should see a way to change profile names on YouTube. My own YouTube account not that long ago changed from being a personal account with amusing videos to a kind of ‘commercial’ account through which I was promoting my website and my various products. I built up a rather huge following and wanted to change my account name to reflect the brand I was promoting – unfortunately there’s no way to do that. That only recommendation Google has is that I open a new account (by deleting the old one) and re-upload all the videos. Not only would that take forever but it would lose me all my subscribers. Come on Google…

Multiple Accounts

And at the same time I would like it to be easier to manage multiple accounts. Because Google has decided to integrate all its services into one ‘app suit’ (AKA decided to ram everything they’ve ever made down our throats) that means that I have to use my Google Account and can’t easily make another new profile. Bit of a flaw there.

More Leniency

I understand that Google don’t want to condone us sharing illegal content, but the way it currently stands is that if you get caught using even just snippets of music to which you do not own the rights three times you can get your account deleted. Furthermore, if you get caught only once you will then never be invited into the Google partnership scheme.

Fewer Adverts

The advertising on YouTube has been somewhat distracting for a while now, but the current setup is just awful. I am particularly irked by the adverts that are now attached to the beginning of videos and I reserve particular hatred for the ones that you can’t skip at all. I must have watched that Fosters advert a hundred times – and when the video you’re trying to watch is only a couple of minutes long that’s pretty frustrating. Then on top of that there are the additional adverts that pop up over the top of the videos. And half the time the owners of the videos aren’t even getting any money for those.

Longer Uploads

Google aren’t made of servers (I presume) and I understand that. However the ten minute rule on YouTube is still a little restrictive for the most part and it takes a long time before a user can get that restriction removed. YouTube would be even more addictive if users were able to submit recorded speeches, readings from books and amateur movies but as it stands it’s very rare to see anything longer than 10 minutes let alone an hour long.


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