How Can I Make My Parents More Tech-Savvy?

While toddlers seem to be able to download movies and make Skype calls on their parent’s tablets and laptops, using new technology doesn’t come as easily for older adults. For some, this issue can be frustrating as parents are always relying on their children to help them operate their devices. Here are a few suggestions for helping your parents become more tech-savvy.

Help Them Choose Simple Technology

While the latest and greatest gadgets sound awesome to you, helping your parents choose the most basic device available for them will be less daunting. Additionally, by removing any extra applications and helping with the initial set-up, there is less for the parent to learn how to run.

Create Written Reminders/Guides for Specific Operations

Use the screenshot tool on their phone to show them how to change certain settings that they may want to refer to often. If you are helping them program a new smart thermostat or DVR, take pictures of each step and print them out so they have something to refer to.

Call in Outside Help

There are many books out there catering to the how-to’s of technology. If it won’t offend your parents, suggest they read one about the device they have the most trouble with. For example, “Painless PC: A Simple Guide to Cleaning, Boosting, Securing, and Speeding Up Your PC for Free!” could help them learn how to use their computer.

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