How Can I Bring My Tech-Unfriendly Home into the 21st Century?

You might be wondering how to make your home more technology friendly. After all, we do live in the 21st Century. Many devices require such installations as Wi-Fi that were unheard of until a decade ago. If you are trying to make your home more tech-friendly, an easy way to do it is to look at the following list:

1. Generate Your Own Power

Most people rely on an expensive external utility company to power their home. This gives them a large monthly fee, and gradually eats into money that could be used for their mortgage. If you want to become more tech friendly, living addicted to the grid should be a thing of the past. Get some solar panels or an even cheaper wind turbine installed. They will pay you back for your investment. Your utility company will cry, but you will not.

2. Set Up Your Own Greenhouse

Having a greenhouse makes you more sustainable if there is a power outage. A lot of people rely on the grocery store to get all of their veggies and fruits. The expense they pay is not having the luscious organic treats in their own backyard. Do yourself a favor, and start growing some veggies in a high-tech greenhouse.

There are many other steps you can take. These are just two that most people do not do.

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