Going Google-Free: The Best Alternatives to Google Services

It seems that these days, wherever you look, Google is there. However, if you are not a fan of the huge technology company, there are plenty of alternatives you can use that are no related to Google’s services. Here are great Google alternatives.

DuckDuckGo is probably the best alternative to the Google search engine. Unlike Google, it never tracks your searches and doesn’t store any of your personal information when you access websites through it. You can certainly enjoy your privacy in a way that Google doesn’t allow you to with DuckDuckGo.

Vimeo offers the same video viewing and storing services as YouTube, which is owned by Google. A nice perk of it is that it lacks many of the trolls who leave rude comments on videos. It is a paid video sharing service with subscriptions of 5GB to 20GB upload limits.

Gmail seems to be used extensively, but if you prefer not to use it, there are definitely good alternatives. Great alternatives are Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Hotmail or Live. Another email service you might want to consider if FastMail, which is ad free and has a professional interface. However, it is worth noting that it costs $5 per month.

Instead of Google Maps, you can try MapQuest. It can even be integrated with many third-party apps and services.

These are all excellent alternatives to Google services. Give these a try and enjoy freeing yourself from the grip of Google.

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