The rivalry between facebook and Instagram has finally come to an end. Yesterday, Facebook paid a whopping sum of $1 billion dollars to acquire Instagram. According to the recent report from TAL, Mark Zuckerberg said he’s very happy about the takeover of Instagram after the hot tussle between the two companies since last year. Facebook has been finding it very difficult to cope with the recent demand by the users for good and enhanced photo-sharing experience which Instagram is a good success for.

Instagram is truly a success with a reported 1 million signups within 2 hours, that which shows that the company is growing at a fast pace. Even, Google+ that was launched by Google which holds the record of highest signups per day does achieve such a feat.


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced this move while sharing the news from his Facebook profile that the company has just achieved yet another great feat which it has been aiming for since past years.

With this takeover, Facebook users can now have a better experience of Instagram simply by using the app to share their photos to friends and relatives through their mobile phones and this have never been that possible on Facebook ever since its exception some years ago.

Mark in his announcement, he said:

I’m very much excited to tell you that we have agreed to buy Instagram and their talented team of developers would be joining Facebook soon.

For years, Facebook have focused on building the best user experience when it comes to sharing photos with your family and friends. And now, we’ll be able to work hand-in-hands with the team at Instagram so as to deliver the best mobile photo-sharing experience according to your interests.

He then continued saying;

We think the fact that the Instagram app is connected to other services even beyond Facebook is a great and important part of the experience. We have planned to keep majority of these features such as the ability to disable sharing your Instagrams on Facebook, the ability to share your instagrams with other social networks, and the ability to follow and have followers separately from your friends on Facebook, in which many are thinking could not be possible.

He did not stop there, he continued saying; “these and many other features are very important parts of Instagram experience and Facebook understand that as well.


He then assured users that they will try as much as possible to learn from Instagram experience to build a build similar features into their upcoming other products.

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