Markets move quickly on the Internet. In as little as two years, entire sections can rise or fall due to new services, applications and technologies. Internet service providers keep a close eye on the emerging trends since it directly affects their business. A consumer needs to check services for the latest technology and the best deal.

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High speed networks are an integral part of our economy and our social development. It is required for all the evolving services and applications. Increased connectivity is a must for increased development of the Internet. High speed fiber optics have been placed in major urban areas. Broadband has begun upgrading to fiber since consumers demand very high speed downloads. An upsurge in the integration of videos on websites means fast speeds are needed for quick downloads. It is happening on a global level according to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Korea, Japan and Sweden have prioritized the transition to fiber optics. Internet service providers who support fiber broadband are in prime marketing position.

Mobile Access

More people are obtaining smart phones and subscribing to Internet accounts. The fast data transfers of fiber based broadband connections have made using the phone to browse the device of choice when on the go. Wireless broadband in urban areas is becoming common place. OECD says worldwide in December 2011, 667 million wireless broadband subscriptions existed. More impressive figures are the standard mobile subscriptions with wireless broadband outnumbering DSL subscriptions two to one worldwide. Its effects are far reaching socially as consumers get use to on demand access from any of their mobile devices.

Platforms and Operating Systems

The last two years have seen Android’s open source software rise to the dominant platform capturing 50 % of the smartphone market according to OECD. In desktops platforms are beginning to have a convergence trend where the platform on a mobile phone is integrating with the platform on the desktop making for seamless Internet access and movement of data. Increasingly consumers carry mobile devices from work to home. In laptops hypervisors have been developed. It allows companies to put a virtual workplace screen that runs on a personal laptop and yet gives maximum security and privacy.


A dynamic marketing ecosystem has arisen in response to the emerging fast Internet networks with the new platforms. Apps have become the new trendy service applications. Apps cater to niche markets quite well adapting a mobile device or operation platform to exactly what the customer needs. These services come in three types location based such as GPS, augmented reality such as Next Subway that gives guidance, and relationship management tools such as social media to track customers or friends. Check what app stores are available as part as the Internet service.

Cloud Computing

Internet service providers are transitioning to include cloud based services. It puts them at the forefront of the emerging trends. No longer does major IT infrastructure or software have to be installed at a location. Services work on a pay as you go model. Providers provision resources to the demands of multiple users because of its flexibility. What service used for Internet access will become premium as personal computers no longer house everything.


Internet service providers that are fusing portions of cloud computing, mobile devices, and broadband are offering what customers want. As tablets continue to penetrate the markets, the pressure to have seamless usage across a variety of devices is increasing. Devices come available at work, home or on the go 24/7, so consumers like Internet access to be everything everywhere as well. Consumers are asking to make their own media scheduling with on demand services rather than work from someone else’s schedule.

Many of these trends are in the early stages, so comparing Internet service providers are a good idea. Better yet find a business who houses several providers and see how the new trends are being implemented in each. Seamless access and seamless support on whatever device one chooses is nearly here.