WordPress is an unrivalled blogging platform – a number of large companies even host their sites using WordPress. The platform is easy to customise and make your own website – you can even hire someone to fiddle with the HTML and the design so you’re site isn’t even remotely similar to the basic WordPress model.

With plugins like the ones below, your site will be improved even more. It will look better, have increased functionality and be better suited to your needs. All pros, and no cons…what are you waiting for?

Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is about improving SEO, or search engine optimization. You want people to be able to find your site on Google, don’t you? If so, it’s worth paying attention to the little things when you’re uploading content. You have to fill out a number of boxes after writing a post, such as ‘focus keyword’ and ‘meta description.’ The plugin monitors that the keyword is used everywhere and that the description displayed in search results makes sense. Page analysis and social media integration are an added bonuses.

Vaultpress Premium

This nifty plugin backs up all your data, and is designed by the guys who made WordPress. It’s expensive, at $15 a month, but worth it if you are worried about losing your data and want to sleep easy. While the cloud software used for backup won’t be as advanced as those used for colocation in Sydney, the tools are certainly useful to have for your website.

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker checks all the sites you’ve linked to and notifies you of all the ones that don’t work – that way you don’t have to go through manually to make sure that you’re linking through to exactly where you intended. This saves time and keeps you on top of site maintenance.

Disqus Commenting

With Disqus, people visiting your site can login through Facebook or Google Plus, Twitter, Disqus, or with a given name. It protects against spam and has a number of share buttons to Facebook and Twitter – you’ll get your work out there so long as people love it.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugins

This wittily named plugin uses an algorithm to find posts from your blog that relate to the current entry. These posts or pages mean that readers can find other relevant content to browse, and may spend longer on your site as per their areas of interest. Thumbnail display using featured images makes the appearance of these related posts appealing.

Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack uses stats about most views to make a popular posts widget. Stats that are simple and concise about page views are accessible via the site and don’t add to your server’s load. Jetpack also offers email subscriptions, and makes it easy to embed media from YouTube or Vimeo. You can post to your blog from your email account, and there’s even a Twitter widget.