Apple’s ‘Improvements’ Are Only for the Worse

Every year, we anticipate the release of the new iPhone. The iPhone 5 sold more than 5 million units in the first three days alone, which is a 25% increase on last year’s iPhone 4S sales in the same period of time. From the major hype that the latest generation gained, you would have thought that the iPhone 5, fully equipped with the new iOS 6, would have had all the kinks worked out. Unfortunately, it is the Apple customers who are coming across these issues.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

This isn’t just limited to the new iPhone 5 – it’s affecting all the Apple product owners who have updated to the new iOS 6 operating system (which was released the same time as the iPhone 5). Many users are now complaining that they cannot connect to Wi-Fi networks, or even turn the Wi-Fi on! Around 60% of Apple users have upgraded to iOS 6, which could cause some widespread problems. With discussion threads on Apple’s support page currently at 124 pages long, there doesn’t seem to be a plain and simple answer in sight just yet.

Apple Maps

Another snag to the supposedly great update to Apple’s operating system was Apple Maps. This was made to be a main competitor to Google Maps, but they have missed the mark. Locations outside of the US are some of the worst, seeing landmarks and towns being mapped in the wrong places, bad graphics, and businesses that have not been around for years are spontaneously re-opened. It doesn’t help matters that the alternatives that you can download from the App Store do not include Google Maps. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has even apologised for the bad quality of their Maps and improvements are being made.

iPhone 5’s camera

One of the more recent complaints with the iPhone 5 has been a purple flare that occurs when photos are taken under certain circumstances. When there is a strong source of light just off screen, a large purple flare turns up on the picture. It’s caused by a minor design fault, where the light off-shot reflects off the inside of the camera, causing a flare. Apple has replied, saying that it is normal for that to happen with smaller cameras and that users should ‘reposition the camera’ when they take a photo.

Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar to two years ago, when Apple support claimed that the iPhone 4 signal issues were caused by the user holding it wrong? But hopefully, there should be an update coming out to remedy this.

The new ‘Lightning’ dock

When the iPhone 5’s design was released, one of the biggest physical changes was the dock connector. Since the iPod came out 7 years ago, the dock connector has always had 30 pins. Now, it has been reduced to an all-digital, more durable 8 pins. This means that your dock connector, that you’ve had all this time, as well as the multiple others you have lying around your house, will become obsolete. All new Apple products will carry this new connector style as well. To use your new iPhone with your old speakers, or old iPhone with new speakers, you need to purchase a $30 adaptor. This has not gone down well with the price conscious population of Apple consumers.

There are also problems behind the scenes as well. The documentation hasn’t been as wide, but the staff at the factory where the iPhone’s are built are on strike due to their working conditions. The new operating system does have its positives and improvements, but slowly, Apple is losing their image as the most innovative mobile phone creator in the industry.