The well informed on the network have no doubt that in addition to providing a glimpse of the new operating system, Apple Tomorrow will present the new generation of the latest technology MacBook Air, a product that since it was born three years ago has not changed size and basic characteristics.

The news that follow one after another in the Internet expect the announcement of a mini laptop that is put in direct competition with netbooks based on Windows / Linux with screen sizes of 11 inches but perhaps there might be a second model of 13 inches, lighter than the current one by probably more than one kilogram, but with the same body size and with a battery life range that could reach up to 10 hours. The disc will obviously be a SSD for the processor so you should keep your fingers crossed that they use instead the Intel dual core with a frequency of about 2 GHz.


latest technology MacBook Air


Another peculiarity that is taken for granted is the startup time which usually comes in particularly fast times, comparable with those of iOS based products. Expected but perhaps at the same time I should say very desirable, is also a significant reduction in the price which may decrease by 30 to 40 percent settling at around $ 1,000.

In addition to the MacBook Air, another novelty of the presentation of this great day that may cause much damage to some may be iLife version 11, which could take the place of the condition that has been on the market since January 2009. As evidence for the announcement of the new software suite would be the fact that all the sites of Amazon appear to not have the ’09 version available and refer to an upcoming date for the new availability of the applications.