1. How to Increase Maximum File Upload Size in WordPress

Ever wanted to upload a media file or a very high resolution image and found that you are unable to upload the file because it exceeds your allowed file upload size? You are restricted to a certain maximum file upload size, by your web host and by the package you’ve chosen to host your website. However with a clever WordPress hack, you can increase the allowed file upload size by accessing the php.ini file via FTP. It should be noted that this hack might not work properly on shared hosts, so if your site is on a shared host, you would have to contact the hosting service for help. There is a detailed tutorial on how to increase your maximum file upload size, using simple functions here.

2. How to Show Only an Excerpt of a Post

Sometimes, displaying only an excerpt of a particular post could help you make a better home page, which could be easily navigated, or could help you increase the number of page views and impressions, if the visitor navigated through the rest of the posts. Showing best of your posts in the homepage as excerpts definitely gives a lot of exposure to your site’s content. And also this helps you to create archived pages and avoid being penalized by search engines for duplicate contents. The following tutorial explains how to make this simple hack work.

WordPress Hacks

3. How to Change WordPress Comment Styles

Every blogger loves to see engaging, descriptive comments after their posts. Structuring your comments properly in the blog, would be more appealing and inviting for the visitors to make further comments. The following tutorial explains you about customizing the comment styles by creating a custom comment callback, customizing the laying structure of the comment list and reply form. This tutorial further explains about adding extra functionality like author only styles and spam protection, so its worth giving a try.

4. Adding a Google+ Button to Your Posts Automatically

Adding a Google+ button lets the readers recommend your posts easily to their friends and followers. The more your blog posts get recommended and shared, the more traffic it will drive to your site. Also being recommended by visitors increases your content’s credibility and value. With a simple WordPress hack, you can create a Google+ button beside your each of you posts, which will appear automatically as you post content. Here is a simple tutorial for this useful WordPress hack.

5. Adding Gravatar Of The Post Author Near The Post Title

Gravatars or globally recognized avatars are essentially the same as avatars however since they are hosted on a single server and are called up by encrypting your email address via the MD5 algorithm, you can use one avatar on all the forums and blogs you visit, rather than using separate avatars for each one. Gravatars have been integrated into WordPress. Therefore with this simple hack you can customize your gravatar to appear near the title of your posts, just like they typically appear in comment sections. Here is the link to this pretty simple, yet very useful tutorial.

6. Tracking Post Views With Out Using a Plug-in

Every blogger is interested in knowing exactly how many people have viewed their posts, which posts have drawn the biggest readership etc. WordPress plug-ins for counting the number of post views are available, however with a simple tweak to the functions.php you can get the number of post views pretty easily, with this cool WordPress hack. Give it a try yourself. Here is the link to this step by step tutorial.