5 Reasons Why Windows Phone Will Never Beat Android

Microsoft has introduced some innovating and new stuff to the world. Bill Gates’ brainchild, Windows, is unarguably the most popular operating system for home computers around the world. It might be clunky and occasionally disagreeable but typically, Windows works.

That’s why so many people use it. The same can’t be said for the line of Windows Phones, Microsoft’s answer to Google’s popular line of Android branded devices. It’s not exactly a good answer because Microsoft really isn’t putting up any good competition. Because no company or product is perfect, there are some instances where Windows Phones outperform or are otherwise the better of Android’s counterparts.

This is fine; they can tout it all they want. The fact remains Google’s Android smartphones are by far the better of the two brands. You might need a little convincing before putting down money on one or refusing to spend your dollars on another and that’s good, consumers should do more research before dumping hundreds of dollars anyhow. Here you’ll find 5 good reasons why Windows Phone is never going to beat Android’s line of 3G and 4G smartphones. What you’re about to see may shock you.

Android is Years Ahead

Microsoft is pretty late getting to the table on this smartphone thing. The Zune, their answer to Apple’s iPad which caused a consumer craze in its first years, was universally considered a flop. Yes, it does some interesting things and works about as well as the iPod but by the time their gear launched, everyone had already purchased high-quality electronics from another company.

Most consumers didn’t have the money to spend $300 on a brand new iPod and then turn around to spend another $300 on a Zune. That principle is going to remain constant now, when the Windows 8 Phone is coming out years after Android and now Google, one of the biggest technocrats in the world, have pretty much taken hold of the market. Sometimes it just seems plain crazy that Microsoft even tries some of the marketing and sales strategies it does. This is one of those times.

Because they’re so far behind and their biggest competition has had years to perfect its product and plans, the Windows Phone can never hope to beat the Android. Even catching up to Google’s moneymaker isn’t likely. Don’t go making any investment decisions based on this, but just watch and see if history doesn’t repeat itself – again.

Android Has the Greater Market Share

This is just one positive consequence of being first in a new market and doing a good job of providing products people want to buy. Because Android phones did so well, Android made lots of different phones. The first great Windows phone will be the first of a few compared to one of a hundred different variances on the Android.Windows 8 Phone

There is no substitute for this; it’s something that happens when companies perform well and have lots of time to steadily upgrade their goods or services. While this is in no way to say Microsoft hasn’t done great with some of its stuff, like Windows operating systems, they didn’t make phones before now. They don’t have the consumer base ready to spend money on their new phones and they don’t have the experience selling smartphones to quite know what they’re doing.

A few professional people cherry-picked from the pool of talent will help a little but the business just won’t flow smoothly. It’s a concern which practically plagues Microsoft. This is essentially why their Zune series of mp3 players did so poorly. Competing against companies which dominate is tough.

Even the iPhone is Better

All of this does nothing to consider Apple’s share of the smartphone market. People liked their iPad mp3 players and those same people bought in early and keep buying into Apple’s iPhone line. While Apple might have a chance at competing with and ultimately beating Google out of the top market share, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has no chance of beating either.

It’s the kind of consideration anyone with some business sense would make before launching a huge project like this. Well, almost anyone, anyhow. It’s been a few years since 2010 and the company still isn’t doing too well. Microsoft has a difficult, maybe impossible uphill battle just to make second place in this contest.

The Fewest Apps Available

This is a real killer when the best part about smartphones is the degree of convenience and frustration reduction they offer their owners. Windows Phones are wading in the smallest pool of apps which means there’s barely anything to download for those phones.

Thousands of apps exist for Android and Apple smartphones but Windows is again painfully far behind and coming up short in this department. This isn’t something consumers have to deal with and most of them won’t. There are so many better ways to spend their money that the majority of potential customers really aren’t potential customers; they’re never going to spend their money on Microsoft’s’ Windows Phone.

It’s Just Not Fun to Use

All of these individual reasons add up to one big, bad reason the Windows Phone won’t ever beat Google’s Android line of devices. It’s just not a fun device to use. People with experience on any other smartphone are going to be disappointed by the lack of features, apps and fun to be had with the Windows 8 Phone.

Since just about every other device on the market gives more to the user for his or her dollar, those people with the money are going to keep spending it elsewhere, on other gear from companies which aren’t Microsoft. As soon as they figure it out, maybe their stock shares will stop the steady declines from the 90s which have severely undercut the company’s value.

That or they’ll start giving some executive the axe. Whatever they do, they better do it soon; Microsoft can’t afford to keep dumping money into holes and acting like nothing is going wrong.