5 Reasons for Desktop and Laptop Users to Upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8 finally dropped on October 26th and has been met with very positive reviews. The operating system is more streamlined and designed to better engage tablets and other devices. From its design to its capabilities, this is the most ambitious Windows operating system to date. There are a number of reasons a Windows user should upgrade to Windows 8, but these are our five favorites.

Upgrade to Windows 8

1. Streamlined Design

Gone are the days of old, when your screen was inundated with large icons, and a need to scroll and minimize, maximize everything. The navigation and startup are entirely new. This is going to feel like a whole new operating system. Users may struggle at first, but they’re going to grow to love this new design.

Charms have replaced traditional icons. These are an array of menu bars that keep all of your information tidy. There is no start button, as there really is no need for one. Instead Windows 8 features layers upon layers, relying on search and Charms to get around.

2. Built-in Apps

If you’re upgrading a touchscreen computer, you’re going to get the best experience overall. Non-touchscreen computer users are going to love the upgrade, but touchscreen users are going to get the absolute best features, like swiping through a wide array of built-in apps. These apps settle on the Windows Start screen and are able to display pertinent information there, something that’s ambitious and innovative. It’s the first of its kind.

3. Faster Startup

The results are in and Windows 8 is a faster operating system. Speed is of utmost importance to most computer users. They list speed as a high priority whenever downloading a new operating system or upgrading their computers or laptop. Windows has addressed concerns over its prior slow startup times and fixed the issue. In fact, starting up with Windows 8 will have you on screen significantly faster than other major operating systems on the market.

4. Security

Windows 8 is more secure than any of its predecessors. The main security focus is protecting your PC from ruthless malware and invasive rootkits. From before startup, the operating system scans the system searching for infections. Should an infection be found, the system won’t turn on. Instead, it will engage a program designed to combat the infection. It will take care of the problem, not allowing it to spread to more important areas.

5. SkyDrive

We saved the best for last. SkyDrive is incredible. The service allows for users to back up their entire machine, without using discs. Everything is saved to the Cloud. If you decide to upgrade your hardware, you can reproduce your prior environment on your new machine, by accessing SkyDrive and downloading the files! You can even mount SkyDrive as a sort of local drive on your machine, allowing your apps to engage and save to the drive!

There are more than just five reasons to upgrade to Windows 8. The new operating system is the most significant upgrade to the system, since Windows 3.0, which came preloaded with the first MS Office bundle. Microsoft 8 brings energy to Microsoft, not seen in previous versions. It’s time to upgrade and experience these incredible features yourself.