4 Must Have Android Apps For Every Web Developer

With the invasion of literally thousands of apps, our Smartphone’s have being transformed into mini mobile PC s, allowing us to do several things that we otherwise would not have been able to. For every web developer, these apps will come in handy and will assist you be a better and more efficient web developer. These apps will help you save time, money and creative energies.

As mention earlier, there is literally thousands of app available, some are free and others are sold. Since going through all of them to find which works best for you, would be exhausting and time consuming, I have selected 4 of the best and must have apps for any web designer, hoping to be the best.


HTML Test :

This app is a favorite of most beginners and professionals in HTML, the tests it presents are very useful in improving their knowledge of HTML. This app is especially good as it easy to use and it operates in a subtle manner, almost intuitive.

This app tests your knowledge of web developing by giving you over twenty timed web designing and developing questions, with different choices or options to choose your answer from.

Answer the questions as best as you can, then check the results to see how well you performed. It’s that easy. Providing you with a fun way to rehearse and refresh your knowledge of web designing while keeping you informed and updated.

HTML Editor:

Every serious web developer understands the importance of an HTLM editor, and probably has one installed on either a laptop or desktop computer. However with this app, you can have a roaming HTML editor, with you anywhere you may be and at anytime, how convenient.

This app also supports HTML, JavaScript files, CSS and PHP. With features like code completion, a built-in-help system, syntax highlighting and an undo and redo feature. Now you can work using HTML editor anytime the need arises, regardless of where you maybe.

AndFTP :

This app is certainly a web developer’s dream, materialized. With it you can get access to the contents on you servers.
AndFTP is a client of SCP, FTP, SFTP and FTPS, while it also has the capacity of managing numerous configurations of FTP.
AndFTP allows you stay in contact with your FTP clients, at all times and with its user friendly and useful features you can also create folders, delete files, edit permissions, open, rename and run custom commands.

View Web Source :

This app unlike most, gives you the ability to view the source code of any site easily, because it downloads the code into a text editor. Giving you the freedom of edit, select, and search for texts in the code, it also gives you the options of effecting changes and even to copy and paste into emails to be used or viewed at a later time.

Above is a list of the top must have apps for web developers, looking to make their mark and wanting to do so, with comfort and ease from anywhere and  anytime. The days of only working from the back of your desktop computer are now over.

This article has been written by Charles who loves to share tech tips especially on social learning software.