Top 5 Best Tips for Longer Laptop Battery Life

There is enough evidence we can see of the laptops turning into desktops within a very shorter span of time. They can continue for a very shorter span without being unplugged.   Many of those even…

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Content Marketing: Thinking in Stories

Right now is the time to become an expert storyteller. When everyone has a story to tell, what is your company saying? Tell the facts that people want or need to know. How do you…


4 Android Apps to Manage your Business

Applications have become the integral parts of the modern day human beings. So, what’s wrong if the apps raise the hand to help you in your business! You appoint employees to assist with your work….

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Boy’s toys for a 21st century bachelor pad

The bachelor pad may have been a staple of 1960s movies, kitted out with the latest technology and decorated to seduce women, but there is still a place for them in the 21st century. People,…

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Top Ten Coolest Websites Ever Made

As of this year, there are 510 million active websites made available for human consumption. Out of those 510 million active websites, 103 million of them were added just in 2013 alone. With thousands of…

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