Big Data Collection: Friend or Foe?

Ten years ago, books and movies depicting a world where everything we do electronically is tracked and absorbed by various powers and entities were criticized for perpetuating unbelievable notions about privacy. In the wake of…


What is Payment API?

There is certainly profit to be made with online merchant services, but you face a very distinct challenge. Merchant service providers are a dime a dozen and if you hope to stand out from the…


How to get more Traffic to your Website

You’ve created your website, and you’re pretty happy with the results. You’re ready for business to boom, yet you’re sitting around twiddling your thumbs more than you’re conducting business. Why isn’t this great website that…


Wearable Technology: Today and Tomorrow

Wearable technology is undoubtedly the next big step in the field of computing and electronics. This technology has been functional ever since the invention of the calculator watch that came into existence during early 1980s….


Between Security And User Experience

With an increasing concern of security breaches and phishing attacks, World Wide Web security systems are in constant unfair struggle to keep up with Internet attackers who are using complex software tools to breach into…

HR Department

Why Your HR Department Should Be Thinking Tech

The way that businesses run is gradually changing and technology is becoming an increasingly important part of running an efficient and successful company. Tech has an important role to play in every aspect of your…


Three Game-Changing Technologies

The theory of accelerating change, and its variants, claims that significant technological advancements will become chronologically closer together in a snowballing effect. This means that technological progression will continually speed up as time goes on…


Network Security Trends in 2015

Network security issues are not only a concern of large companies. With the advanced breaching techniques that hackers use today, even small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable form security breaches. As a response to the…


Top 5 Most Addictive Gaming Apps

It’s great when you find a game that’s really addictive and can help you to pass all the Saturday afternoon time that you have. Most games are the types that can be pulled out of…

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